Challenges and Solutions for managing Multiple Authors for WordPress Publishers


Team work always produces great effort. Team management has to be perfectly handled while working as a team. In the online world, it is not necessary that entire team need to be available in the same location. It is distributed throughout the world. So a lot of challenges are there with multiple authors. Wherever there is a problem, solutions are always available for publishers to manage and provide a reliable content in the blog. Solutions are in the form of wordpress plugins. Let us see them in detail.

Betaout is a very useful for wordpress publishers in terms of editorial project management solution. Features are user friendly and various customization options are available for the publishers. Editors and publishers can work in the form of desks. One desk can have one to many users with same user roles. Editors can circulate their work between desks and collaborate easily. Tracking is easier with Betaout and hence whenever there is a change is required, it can be indicated and editors will get a notice about the deadlines. Betaout and wordpress platform have nice integration and hence ultimate work will be easily placed into wordpress site.

Edit Flow
Edit Flow is a wonderful WordPress plugin which is required for specifying the tasks involved during editing. Below are the salient features associated with this plugin.

Calendar: Periodic manner record can be easily done with calendar.
Editorial comments: Feedback is very necessary while doing a work. In private discussion of editor’s forum, comments will be provided by the publishers and there are customization effects available to have the comments available to public or specific set etc.,

Editorial metadata: To prevent data loss, picturization is required and that can be done.

Notifications: This is another form of feedback and this feedback makes the growth in business.

Story budget: This is the trailer session before the final release to the public.

User groups: Like the organization, users are grouped under departments and provides the best team effort.


Revisionary is the best WordPress plugin in the form of maintaining multiple revisions of the article. User should have the privilege to use this facility and the last minute changes upon approval can be taken from the revision history. Sometimes multiple revisions have gone but still the initial revision of the version looks good and revisionary plugin helps them to overcome the last minute changes. Users those who have administrative rights can do this change. Revisionary has made enormous improvement in the output of the content.

Content Progress

Content Progress helps to identify the written content is empty or partial or completed. Documents can be categorized according to the availability of the content. With this innovative feature, publishers can specify whether they are complete or incomplete.


Team work has both positive and negative factors. But by using the above wordpress plugins, authors and publishers can work collaboratively and absolutely produce the reliable content in short span of time. Publishers usually have administrative privileges to manage multiple authors. Getting the work done is the main aim of a good wordpress site. Individual user contribution will take much time, but in contrast using the above said wordpress plugins, multiple authors can work for a wordpress site and provide useful information quickly.

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